Wohls Gård dates back to the 17th century, and It can present a 200-year-old main building and Kirkkonummi’s oldest manor park. Today, Wohls Gård is a place where people meet and enjoy good food in a tranquil and well maintained environment.

17th century – Wohls Gård is formed

Wohls Gård is located in a lush environment on the west bank of Humaljärvi in ​​Kirkkonummi. Wohls Gård was formed in the early 17th century and was included in the so-called “Överby-donationen”, a donation which was given to Ludvig Hintelman from Riga in 1624. Around 1670, chief forester Erik Bure bought a large part of the land and formed an estate complex with Wohls as his main farm.

1700s – 1800s – the main building in Gustavian style is built and the formal garden is created

The current main building in Gustavian style dates from the time regimental clerk Christian Borgström owned the farm (1790-1824). A map of Wohls shows that as early as 1847 there was a formal garden with a straight garden path between the main building and the lakeside. Possibly it was Borgström who had the garden laid out. After regimental clerk Borgström, Wohls was owned by his daughter Anna Charlotta and her husband assessor Johan Logren. Kirkkonummi municipality bought the farm from Logren’s heirs in 1892 and used it as a municipal home.

20th century – Wohls in many roles

Wohls Gård functioned as a municipal home until 1929 when the business moved to the new building was completed on the other side of Volsintie. In February 1918, when fighting between reds and whites was going on at Sigurd’s nearby, a war hospital was established in the old main building at Wohls. The hospital was run by Teddy Biaudet, later known as the municipal doctor in Kirkkonummi. After the Second World War, a primary school for the children in the local area was established on the farm. When the school moved to new premises, the farm was leased out, but from 1977 the main building stood empty and abandoned for about 30 years.

Wohls Gård today

The Savings Bank Foundation in Kirkkonummi (Kirkkonummen Säästöpankkisäätiö) bought manor house building in 2008 and leased 5.6 ha of the surrounding land – in 2016 an additional agreement was made and the lease area now amounts to 7.3 ha. The foundation founded Wohls Gård Ab to take care of the renovation and the running of Wohls Gård.

In 2011-2013, the Manor House and the Stone Warehouse were renovated and modern technology was installed. Since then, the surrounding park has been inventoried and renovated, also taking into account the design that the farm had during the first half of the 19th century. Natural values ​​and sustainable development lay the foundation for the management plan and we work continuously with expert gardeners and arborists. For us, it is important that the nearly 300-year-old oaks thrive here for a long time to come.

For recreational use, Wohls Gård also has its own nature trail in the adjacent forest.

In November 2020, Wohls Gård grew when the new party and conference venue Wohls Stall was opened. The completely renovated stone barn from the 1930s now also enables larger corporate events and family parties  for up to 150 people.

The farm’s own cultural program includes e.g. concerts, writers’ evenings and exhibitions.